WWB Recognition of Excellence Award for Global

Engaged Scholarship

Application/Nomination Instructions 

Completed applications are due March 12th, 2018 by 11:59pm.

Awards will be offered in four categories – (1) Service Learning : for faculty, academic staff, graduate students professional students  (2)  Community Based Research: for faculty, academic staff, graduate students, professional students  (3)  Peter Bosscher Award: for undergraduate students (4)  4W Award:  for undergraduate students.  Applicants in both categories may be nominated individually or as a group for a joint project. Graduate students and faculty/staff may apply for the same project, but graduate students must demonstrate contributions independent from the faculty/staff member’s work.

Individuals or groups may be nominated or apply on behalf of themselves, or group members. All applications/nominations need to be completed by using the following link:

WWB Application/Nomination form

For details on each award category click here